Man Captures Once-In-A-Lifetime Footage Of Dancing Orcas.


Richard Karoliussen is dead serious when it comes to studying and researching orcas in his native Norway. Most of the time, anyway.

He and Eve Jourdain (pictured below, left and right) are co-founders of the research group Norwegian Orca Survey, and during an outing a few months back, they came across a pod of killer whales. And Richard simply couldn’t resist: He started whistling. And the way these majestic giants of the sea responded is nothing short of incredible!

And as we all know, whales use whistles, clicks and all sorts of other sounds to communicate as well as navigate. So these big guys were probably confused in the beginning (“Dude needs to work on his pronunciation”).

But they were curious and decided to stick around and play, since this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing for them, too!

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