Humpback Whale Saves Biologist From Tiger Shark


Many of us who have animals in our lives realize that they can be a protection. They help to make us happy, which is a protection in itself but sometimes, they may go above and beyond when it comes to protecting the family. This is not only true of domesticated animals, even wild animals can sometimes step up to the plate.

This is something that Nan Hauser learned recently in the most amazing way. For 28 years, she protected whales as a marine biologist but on this particular day, it was the whale that was protecting her. What is interesting is the fact that she always thought that she would be killed by a whale. As the president and director of the Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation, she had to work with whales on a regular basis.

This video was shot on an October day near the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Nan was studying whales and searching for them when one of the humpback whales decided to come up and get a little up close and personal. Nan knew that she shouldn’t touch the creature but he was going to come up and touch her instead. She said:

“That whale was intent on keeping me away and hiding me and I didn’t know why. He came right for me he didn’t stop. He kept pushing me and I was like ‘Whoa, whoa,’ you know.”

She tried to push herself away but the humpback was persistent and it just kept nudging her. She couldn’t explain it.

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