Every Time I Think Nature Can’t Surprise Me Any More, I Discover Something Like This. WOW!


David Attenborough has the most wonderful job in the world. He discovers secrets of our planet. Question from the fans of precious metals – how much gold was extracted from the bowels of the planet for all history of existence of mankind?

Today 193 000 tones. If this amount of metal to cast the cube, you get a compact seven-story house. How much dust is in the atmosphere of the planet and every year it falls on the Ground? Housewives should be terrified – according to rough estimates, approximately 1,000 tons: it’s no single turbo vacuum cleaner can’t handle.

Earth, a photo of which is presented above, has significant reserves of fresh water – more than 3 million cubic kilometers of potable fresh water. However, most of the resource is in the bowels of the planet – at a depth of 1 km.