Diver Doesn’t Understand Shark’s Urgent Message Until 1 Look At Belly Confirms Scary Truth He Missed


When experienced diver Josh Eccles was enjoying the warm Atlantic Ocean, the Florida resident was taken aback by an unusual sight a few meters away. While he was no stranger to close encounters with sea creatures, there was something about this situation that was very concerning.

A large lemon shark was hovering near him, swimming dangerously close to the diver. Cameras captured the unexpected turn of events that followed.

Josh immediately realized that something was very wrong. The shark began aggressively bumping into him, trying to make a point that Josh just couldn’t understand.

It wasn’t until he took a closer look at the shark’s belly that the diver instantly realized what he needed to do. Taking a deep breath, Josh made a risky decision that was caught on tape – and what happened next was nothing short of incredible.

Hanging out of the shark’s belly was a huge hook! Josh quickly realized that the animal’s bizarre behavior was really just a cry for help.

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