You’ll be feeling hungry after you check out these 5+ dogs enjoying their treats


It’s a universal truth that dogs love their treats. Some dogs love all treats while others have treats that are favorites, ones they prize above all others. Those are the treats that these dogs will beg for, do tricks for, and live in the moment for.

The dogs in these videos love their treats, and their actions in these clips prove it. Does your dog love treats like these dogs do? Watch these videos and compare their responses.

1. Good to the last drop.

Here is a bullmastiff puppy whose favorite treat is frozen yoghurt. In this clip, he has just finished his yoghurt but he can’t help but try to lick the drops that ended up on his face. This treat is too good to give up on. Watch this cute video below.

2. This dog doesn’t share.

This adorable little Pomeranian loves his treat so much that he refuses to share with his furry brothers, and he makes his feelings plainly clear in this cute video. Watch this tiny pup defend his treat in the clip below.

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