World’s Worst Sheepdog Goes To Herd Sheep, Somehow Gets Them To Play With Him Instead


We’ve all seen videos of dogs with impressive sheep-herding skills. This isn’t one of them.

Being a sheepdog is harder than it looks.
And Nelson the Norfolk Terrier cross learned that lesson the hard way when a flock of sheep began chasing him after he tried to herd them.

Hilarious video footage in a field in East Sussex shows Nelson’s botched attempt to round up the sheep, which ended in a doggy disaster.

In the clip, Nelson wags his tail with enthusiasm as he runs around the group of sheep.
It at first appears Nelson has pulled it off when the flock huddle together – but then they turn, as one, to show defiance to the pint-sized pooch.
James Bell from Hamsey, East Sussex, shared the video online.
He said: ‘Nelson, a half Norfolk, half “something else” hound, loves to give sheep a bit of a hurry up.
‘Unfortunately not as much as the sheep like chasing him!’

Watch and Enjoy: