Woman Who Posted Photos Of Her Dog’s Duct-Taped Muzzle Found Guilty Of Animal Cruelty


In Florida, a woman brought the wrath of social media by posting a picture of her dog with duct-taped mouth. What for? – ask you. Katie brown is very poorly tolerate a dog barking! So she decided teach poor dog lesson and shut up it, finally, features.

But here’s what she posted in Facebook this picture is unknown to us. Maybe he decided to brag of the extraordinary abilities of the trainer? Her post was seen by more than 300,000 people. The post is entitled: “this is what will happen to you if you don’t shut up”. No wonder this stupid and ill post caused a strong reaction.

What are the only flattering epithets not awarded the girl users of Facebook! She started to make excuses that taped the dog’s mouth just for one minute… for one brief moment! And many do muzzles dogs wear!