Woman Takes Care Of German Shepherd For Months


Dog cries when meeting the owner. People who have the dog lived for many years, I can say with all justice that a dog is a faithful friend, one of the most loyal. Betrayed and betrayal – the same root word, many of us had to experience that kind of betrayal from people like us, people. But the animal betrayal not able to. It remains faithful to its master always, even if the owner is evil, even if you treat a dog bad.

The owner of the dog is a kind of God. History knows many examples when dogs saved their owners by sacrificing life. But for the dog this is hardly a feat – this behavior is normal for him because he is familiar with the feeling as loyalty. This shepherd dog is very long waited for its owner after a separation and meets him with difficulty repressing tears. A dog properly and with love educated, is the best friend.

Dogs can love unconditionally, they don’t care what it looks like owner what, how much money is earned, only one thing is important that this person is always there, and they Express to him their unconditional devotion and love. You take a little puppy, and raise it beside its master, the dog spends its life for many years. But a dog is much shorter than the age of man, and such a friend is so hard to lose. People who have lost your best friend, can behave differently.