Woman Snaps Photo Of Dog Tied To Tree In Freezing Cold And Finds Owner’s Note About Him


White dog have left on the street, giving a bit food, and leaving toy. Today we will tell you about the baby named Duke. He is a lovely dog, but the fate of this baby is not easy… The other day a teacher from Maryland was walking their Pets and suddenly saw a dog tied to a tree in the Park.

Next was some stuff and a note with a heartbreaking text: “This is the Duke, he has a favorite toy, a box and food. He needs a new home where someone will love him ” … It really looked very sad…

Well, that was in time discovered, as the street was cold, and the dog was trembling with fear and cold! Stephanie Dagenhart called her fiancé – he came and took their common dogs, so that she could take a close look at the fate of the abandoned animal.