Woman Serenades Her Dog With Christmas Song – Dog’s Reaction Shows Christmas Magic Is Real


Meet Daniela Andrade — a talented musician from Canada. If you haven’t heard her name before, make a note of it because she’s quickly gaining attention around the globe. One adorable video in particular not only caught the attention of music lovers but dog lovers too.

To celebrate Christmas, Daniela decided to sing “Christmas Time Is Here” to her dog, Dina, aka “The Cutest Dog in the Galaxy.”

“So if you can’t tell, what me and Dina have is REAL LOVE,” Daniela says on YouTube.

“Christmas Time Is Here” became popular in 1965 and has become a family favorite ever since. There have been dozens of versions of the beautiful song, but none are quite as adorable and beautiful as Daniela’s.

Daniela’s soft and angelic voice is perfect for such a beautiful song. Her dog, Dina, thinks so too and has the most adorable reaction when she begins to sing.

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