Woman Saves ‘Puppy’ Dog Covered In Cactus, Removes it And Finds It’s Not A Dog At All


One day in the morning Gwen Maxwell, a Texas pensioner, came out on the porch and saw a strange spectacle. Adjacent to the Golf course to get something formless, incomprehensible, as if from the screen base a horror movie.

However, the 85 – year-old former teacher was observant enough to understand-it’s a kind of animal that caught on a pile of cacti Cholla. Upon closer inspection, the poor creature was a dog, a puppy, who writhed in pain when his skin stuck numerous needles.

There was something suspicious in his appearance, but Gwen decided that the investigation will have to wait – first you need to help your child. On it was so much the wreckage of the cactus, that he literally stumbled under their weight of.