Woman Rescues Her Soulmate From A Shelter


Dogs are way more than just a pet. They are our fur children, best friends, and often our soulmates. Just like people, dogs have different personalities and each dog just needs to find the perfect family to let them shine. Dogs have a way of comforting us, encouraging us and even inspiring us to be better.

Shelter dogs are all waiting for that special someone to walk through the door and pick them. One shy dog named Ariel found her perfect partner when Amber came to the shelter to rescue a dog. It was love at first sight. Amber tells The Dodo that as soon as she saw those different color eyes, she was hooked. “I just knew- just in that first moment that I met her that she was meant to be my dog.”

Amber adopted Ariel and brought her home to start their life together. At first, Ariel did not liked to be touched. She would shy away from human contact. However, her mom knew exactly how she felt. Growing up Amber was a shy kid and never talked in school. She kept to herself and really did not believe in herself.

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