Woman Pulls Over When She Sees A Trash Bag Walking Down The Street


Puppy tightly tied up and thrown to the curb in a garbage bag. But, against all odds, he survived. Looking at this cheerful and beautiful puppy pit bull, it’s hard to believe that he had this experience.

But, regardless of all, he was small and strong with courage endured all the pain that he brought the former owner. Found him on the side of the road in a garbage bag. Kid tightly bound and left to die. The ropes squeezed so hard his feet they were deformed.

But the puppy grew angry at people and not lost their belief in them In his heart there was no malice, no grudges: he enjoys every moment of life and bestows the warmth of others. American pit bull Terrier, abbreviated Pitbull – American a dog of medium size that belongs to one of the varieties of pit bulls.