Woman Performs Intricate Dance Routine With Her Newfoundland Dog


In the dance she weighed his dog bow. His response led the audience in raptures! What picture pops up in your head at the phrase “dancing dog”? I bet that you imagine a small dog like a Chihuahua or Pekingese, hobbling unsteadily on their hind legs, and even while dressed in a silly costume!

But in fact, the dancing dogs, especially in the genre of freestyle, usually involve the participation of not only the animal, but teacher-man. Partner to man in this case often becomes large, more docile and hardy dog, such as this lovely Newfoundland.

Moreover, such a dance is not just fooling around at the audience, but a great way to show off the skills of the dog tricks that he can do, and the degree of his obedience. “Dance of the dolls” tamer Maria Novoselova and her dog on the show “Eurasia-2012” — the best illustration of the beauty of these rooms!