Woman leaves Dog Outside to Freeze


Exposure is something that affects us humans and dogs alike, that is unless you have a chow-chow and even then… Well, this case a woman left her dog outside the Northwest Shelter for Animals in Salem, Massachusetts in the bitter cold!

The shelter posted to its Facebook page about a little black doggie that was tied to a bench outside, right up close to the rescue center, the woman just before she leaves…

Left outside for around 45 minutes the pup, who was black and got cold very easily and quickly, was about 9 pounds in weight and wouldn’t have survived much longer in those conditions.

Jenna Bradley, the adoptions manager said about the pup, now called Icelyn: – “She could’ve died, potentially. You just don’t know …It’s heartbreaking. I mean, she’s so sweet.”

The shelter took in the dog as soon as they realized and have given her a hearty meal and wrapped her up in some lovely warm blankets too!

The shelter said in their Facebook post:

“Maybe we’ll never know the name she has always known, what she has been through, or why you didn’t go to another door at our building to talk to someone instead of just leaving her tied up…”

The Video shows how the woman is clearly pulling the dog towards her with sharp pulling motions, it most certainly doesn’t look very kind!

Bradley said:

“She did the right thing because she came to an animal shelter, but she didn’t see the situation all the way through, and although we weren’t open, there were plenty of people here, there were lots of cars in the parking lot to indicate that people were in fact in the building”

It’s believed that the dog is around years old and is a papillon-chihuahua mix breed, the shelter will look after her and find her a safe loving home, to the best of their ability, we hope she really does find a lovely home.

The Woman who was seen on the surveillance video had had her pictures released to the media, and the car she was driving too! Police indicate that felony charges are very probable but that they want to identify the woman and speak to her to gain her account…
Salem Animal Control Officer Don Famico said:

“Under the state law it is a willful abandonment of the dog, but there is that gray area. Sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box as to what was going on here”

Source: doggiescare.com