Woman Crashes Car On Deserted Road


After the accident, the woman lost consciousness, fortunately, nearby were stray dog who knew what to do. Shannon Lori Seal from the road to the South of George and legally covered in blood and unconscious in his car. Suddenly, out of nowhere, appeared four-legged friend and once again proved that dogs are man’s best friend.

When the woman woke up, the dog is vital to her from the car. DOG continued to tat it to the side of the road where she lost control of her. And he wasn’t going to give up. When they are tame highway, Shannon, and a dog that will not coals to leave, to stay a passing car and drove back to the city.

Shannon gave a dog a good name — Hero. But she couldn’t take him because she already had six dogs. So the Hero got put in the humane society where he received the Doll care and a new toy, thanks for his stunning act.