Woman Asks Her Dog To Do A Trick


If properly trained, dogs can learn to do the most incredible things! This cute girl, a Yorkie named Misa, loves to do various clever tricks, behaving with his mistress as would lead an ordinary human child, fully enjoying the action.

How to train a dog that she liked in the process? Listen to the dog. Learn to understand when she feels comfortable, and when not. When the dog does the right thing, reward it with your attention. Expectations should not be overstated. Of course in training dogs will take a lot of time. Misa is the real talent.

Based on the cost and popularity, York has turned today into the most commercial of all breeds of Russia. Many breeders rushed to breed, and mass breed the dogs, going on about the market demand. Gradually York turned into quite tiny breed weighing 1-1.2 kilograms, which will affect bone health, coat and general health of the pet.