Woman Asks Her Dog To Do A Trick, Captured Footage Is Going Viral


Smart Baby-girl York demonstrates his unusual ability. If properly trained, dogs can learn to do the most incredible things! This cute girl, a Yorkie named Misa, loves to do various clever tricks, behaving with his mistress as would lead an ordinary human child, fully enjoying the action.

This dog knows lots of tricks. Misa Minnie is a charming dog, which is a lot taught her mistress. At the age of 18 weeks, she already knew many tricks, and by week 31 of IIAs has become widely known around the world. Some people worry that dog can go through all the bother, but I want to reassure them and to note that Yorkshire Terriers love to be the center of attention.

And they need a lot of time to spend with his family. These are not animals that prefer to be alone for a long time. To develop performance skills of the various tricks needed a lot of time, but Misa, no doubt, enjoys what she does.