Woman approaches stray on the beach and lures her into her car — what follows is incredible


“Stray dogs are probably millions in Greece, and given the fact that the mentality here will not be changing anytime soon, there will be millions more to come in the next years.

My Blue was one of the million strays out there, when I first saw her in August 2016. I was on vacation in a small village by the sea, about 150 km from Athens – and being on vacation in the countryside is not easy, – you either have to turn a blind eye of come back home with a dozen of rescue dogs.

Every afternoon, I walked my dogs by the sea – the people were gone by sunset, and they had the entire beach (all 16 km of it) to themselves. It was one afternoon when I first saw her, coming towards us, wagging her tail. She had spotted us from a distance, and since she was looking desperately for company, she joined the four of us, and tried to fit in.

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