Woman Adopts ‘Tiny’ Puppy – But Realizes Her Hilarious Mistake A Year Later


The puppy wasn’t tiny at all!
When a woman named Yuman adopted a small puppy, she had no idea just how big he would really become. Yumna lives in South Africa, and adopted a puppy named Tydus, an Alaskan Malamute.

Yumna doubted that Tydus would grow too large, but boy was she wrong!

Yumna watch Tydus grow up, but he began to look more like a bear than a dog! Tydus now weighs 120 pounds, which was far from a normal small breed’s! Luckily, Tydus is a gentle dog, despite his size. Hilariously, he actually doesn’t understand how big he really is.

Tydus is an enormous dog, but still thinks of himself as a puppy! He still loves to crawl into people’s laps despite his weight, and snuggles up to his owner just how he did when he was still a puppy! Tydus is not only monumentally massive, but his fur is also outrageously thick!

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