Woman Abandons Dog At Airport Because She Doesn’t Want Her


Hope for Paws was told about a dog living near the LAX Airport. Airports are a dangerous area for dogs to be because of all the activity from airplanes traveling in and out, as well as constant vehicle traffic. This poor dog had been fending for herself there.

Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz attempted to close in on the dog, but she got scared and ran toward the traffic. With all the commotion of this busy area, it’s no wonder that she would be frightened and unwilling to trust people.

The rescuers decided to set a trap. Trap might not sound humane, but it’s for the best to get her off the streets and to safety.

It almost worked on the first try, but the dog was startled and took off running. The dog had been staying in the parking garage, though, and they decided to take a crate there. Sadly, they had no luck there, either, after several hours.

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