Why losing a dog feels like losing a family member


Dog, when it comes to their master, ran out to meet him, wagging his tail and shoving to be petted. Or, when on the street you see one of the hosts, with joyful barking and wild tail wagging rush to him in all his doggy treats, just to jump in on the bright pants with his hairy, dirty paws and lick master from head to toe and get a portion of petting and attention.

Almost all dogs and men are like that. There are, of course, incredulous even to owners of dogs (again, you need to understand “why), and to the wives of men, but there are some. The man came home, it happens that brought to the wife production in the form of products, a salary, Kolyma, any gifts, bragging about the real, and, happens, and “slightly” the embellished feats.

After that, he, of course, very, waiting to be patted on the head, hugged and said how they admire. If a woman smiles at a man, embraces him, rejoices at what he has brought, listens to his bragging, then a third of family problems can already be considered solved.