Who ate the cat food? Is it really Denver?


OMG, that’s just too funny. Denver’s sheepish look and his little tail wag, haha! This video always cheers me up on my darkest days.

Love this footage and the music is awesome. At first, Denver looks like he was thinking about making a run for it but then changed his mind and took the walk-of-shame

You may be one of the viewers who has seen this video a dozen times, or maybe you’ve yet to meet Denver, but either way just press play and see why Denver has stolen the heart of millions of viewers around the world.

Denver will never be a career criminal. Just forgive him. Guilting lasts only so long and it’s good to make up. Dogs will love you forever when you make up. Let’s face it, somebody left the treats out and every dog owner on earth knows they shouldn’t do that.

Check out this incredible video below and Denver will still your heart from the start!

Sourse: animalhappiness.club