When A Bear Pushed Its Way Into Their Home, This Little Pup Made The Ultimate Sacrifice


It’s no mystery that dogs are loyal to their owners, but this pup went above and beyond, risking his life to save his family. The North Carolina dog named Pickles is being called a hero for standing his ground against an intruder to protect his owners. Pickles was just five pounds, but that diminutive size didn’t stop the toy poodle from giving everything to protect those around him.

Tiffany Merrill explained the details of what happened when a bear broke into their home last week, when upon opening the door to let her dog outside, the bear pushed its way in.

Tiffany told WRAL: “I started yelling for my kids, ‘Shut your doors! Shut your doors! There’s a bear in the house!’”

The dog then came back inside, with Tiffany explaining: “He started barking and got the bear’s attention and got the bear outside,” adding, “He saved my life.”

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