Weaning Labrador Puppies Enjoy Solid Food


If you think you’ve seen cuteness before, think twice. What you are about to witness is the most adorable thing ever. Ten baby Labradors introduced with solid food for the first time in their life. We assume they are no older than three weeks, because that’s when the weaning process usually starts. Their human mommy helps them get to the food as she tries to teach them what they are supposed to do. They are still way too young and about to start learning and exploring new things.

The kitchen is a mess, but no one really cares as long as the puppies are nicely fed. Seeing how excited they are over the plates full of food, there’s no doubt that mealtime will be their favorite time of the day.

Now take a look at the video of the cute puppies. These beautiful babies will certainly make your day.

Source: weloveanimals.me