Watch How This Pug Loves to Take A Bath


The hosts for the first time bathe the puppy of a pug. It seems that the pug loves to take a bath — he rolls his eyes and hums in pleasure. Unlike cats who hate water, most dogs just love water treatments. Like, like, this funny pug.

Look how much fun he gets from the bathing procedure! In the filled bath pug was waiting for his favorite toy is a rubber duck. At first he tried to save them in every possible way, but then he decided to take a foam bath and enjoy while bathing the game with his little friends!

This pug is very funny! Vide! Pug good and sociable creature who loves to play and have fun. And although they are not too active dogs, more prone to caress and take a NAP, periodically they have bursts of activity, especially in his youth, they can run around the house and frolic, but usually not long.