Video Of a Girl With Her Dog


The growing relationship of the dog with the owner and members of his family in a strong degree depend on the potential of social status, which will continue to claim the puppy. This potential social status is very important to understand and consider in raising a puppy. The puppy is a potential dominant, will try to establish their hierarchical relationships with others. If he is right not to give to understand that man’s role as a leader is unwavering, then the inevitable conflict.

For this reason, many owners have to leave at one year of age with the shepherds, mastiffs and other large dogs. Large puppy quickly realizes his physical superiority over man and starts to win their right to the surrounding area. If the owner and members of his family show him that his fear, the continued presence of such dog in the home can be hazardous to health and sometimes the lives of others. We know that in any pack there is a hierarchy with a leader at the helm.

The little puppy, once in the family, at first, obey their owners, but in the process of growing a dog with a stable complex of the leader actively tries to install itself in the status of the leader. Quite often it happens in large dogs and is manifested in the fact that as they grow the puppy more and more often “showing teeth” and becoming more aggressive towards owners.