Vet was supposed to euthanize dog — But decided to save him instead


“He’s one of those real lazy dogs,” Setzer said. “He kind of lumbers over to you, and you can tell that all he wants is to be petted and loved. He just kind of leaned right into me, and he was really, really sweet.”

Deebo wasn’t the first animal whom Setzer saved from euthanasia.

In 2014, Setzer rescued another pit bull mix named Snoop, who is now the Setzers’ family dog.

“His owner brought him when he was a couple months old,” Carly Setzer, Eric Setzer’s daughter, said.

“We weren’t too sure about the whole situation, but he needed to have his leg amputated, but [the owner] didn’t want to pay for any kind of surgery for him. So he was going to have him euthanized, but my dad decided to have him sign him over instead.”

Last year, Setzer also saved a cat named Ollie, whom Carly ended up adopting.

“It was a very similar situation,” Carly Setzer said. “She needed to have her leg amputated as well, but the owner didn’t want to have to pay for it.

She was older though, probably about 8 or 9. I was looking for a pet at the time because I was going to be living alone, and I wanted to have some company, so I decided to take Ollie.”

“I’m so proud of my dad,” Carly Setzer added. “He’s super loving toward all animals.”

While Setzer is always happy to rescue animals, he emphasizes the importance of being a responsible owner.“If you get an animal, make sure that you have the financial wherewithal

to take care of it, no matter what happens,” Setzer said. “[Deebo’s owner] had three animals, and if she only had one, she might have been able to afford the treatments.”

Deebo will remain in foster care for a couple more weeks while he continues to recover. Then he’ll be up for adoption.

“Deebo would do great in any home,” Suzanne Blocker, vice president and cofounder of Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue, said.

“He is friendly with other dogs, indifferent to cats and he is a huge snuggle bug. He thinks he is a lap dog.”