Vet was supposed to euthanize dog — But decided to save him instead


The vet was supposed to euthanize Deebo — at least, that’s what the dog’s owner asked him to do. But Dr. Eric Setzer, owner of Lesslie Animal Hospital in Rock Hill, South Carolina, knew he couldn’t do that. Instead, he decided to save the dog’s life.
“We got a phone call that a dog was coming in for euthanasia who had a tumor on his face, and he was only 5 years old, so that got my attention right away because 5-year-old dogs aren’t euthanized very often,” Setzer said.

When Deebo came in, Setzer could see that the dog was in bad shape — he was emaciated and had a skin condition and infections in both ears. Then there was the issue with his face — it wasn’t a tumor, as the owner had said, but several abscesses. Deebo also turned out to be heartworm positive.

But all of Deebo’s health issues were treatable, according to Setzer.

“I gave her a quote for what the treatment would cost, but she said she couldn’t afford it, and to still put him to sleep,” Setzer said.

“So I had her sign him over to the animal hospital.”

After the owner signed Deebo over, Setzer got in touch with volunteers at a local rescue group, Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue, who agreed to help fundraise to pay for Deebo’s medical bills and help find him a new home.

But first, Deebo needed to get better. He stayed at the vet hospital for about three weeks, which gave him lots of time to bond with the man who had saved him.

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