Vet Sees Mystery Mass In Dog’s Stomach


Sometimes our beloved pets get into mischief that can bring to serious health problems. If they are not detected in time, they can be life-threatening, especially when the owners are not astute enough to notice that something is wrong with the pet.
The dog named Tiki is 8 years old. Sidney and Sara, two sisters who owned the dog paid attention that there was something wrong with Tiki. Doggy felt unhappy. They quickly realized that felt badly and applied to the vet who took X-ray and discovered something strange in his stomach. The vet did not know about the nature of this mass but he feared that it could be cancer-related. Doctors decided to remove it surgically. When truth came out, they knew it wasn’t cancer, but 62 hair ties and 8 pairs of underwear! He swallowed things that could not be digested and it explained all. The girls decided to lock the doors of bedroom in the future to avoid further problems.