UPS Driver Befriends Lovable Pitbull On Route, Becomes New Mom When Owner Suddenly Passes.


Every time Leo the pitbull saw UPS driver Katie Newhouser pull her big brown truck into his condo complex, the sweet pup absolutely lost his mind.

“Whenever I’d turn up at the complex, he’d apparently go crazy, and he’d want to come down and see me,” Newhouser said. “He just took a liking to me for some reason. He’d always come up and lick me.”

Leo would also jump into her truck. “He would sit there and sniff around,” Newhouser said. “When I had to leave, he didn’t want to get out.”

Katie finally met Leo and his owner Tina officially one day when they were out for a walk.

“I saw Tina walking Leo and stopped to pet him,” Newhouser said. “That’s how I started talking to Tina. That’s actually how I’ve started talking to most of my customers. If they’ve got a dog, I’m stopping.”

This routine lasted for more than a year — Newhouser would arrive, Leo would race out to her and cover her with kisses.

But last October, Leo’s world would change forever.

“I was on vacation, and when I came back to work, I went to the complex,” Newhouser said. “When I was pulling in, I saw [Tina’s] son Cannon pulling out with furniture in the back, and I thought, ‘Oh that’s weird.’ I just waved to him and he waved to me.”

Katie tried calling Tina’s cell phone number, but every call went straight to voicemail. Finally, Katie checked Tina’s Facebook page and realized the tragic truth… Tina had passed away.

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