Unwanted Pup Deserved A Better Life, Now They Just Had To Convince Him Of That


Feed Friends Foundation received a call regarding a dog who was in need of their help. The caller explained that the dog’s owner was planning to dump the dog because he was too skinny and had skin issues.

Rescuers immediately went to the home where the dog lived, and spotted him chained up outside to the bumper of an old car. He was left out there without water, and the only thing he had to eat was a coconut, which he was chewing on.

The dog was timid, but as rescuers got closer, he began to slowly wag his tail. While he was nervous, he wanted more than anything to be saved from that awful situation.

They took the dog, who they decided to name Mickey, off the chain and rushed him to their vet. He was estimated to be about six months to a year old, and was in pretty good health, aside from being extremely emaciated.

It didn’t take long for them to find a foster for him. The very next day, Mickey went to his loving foster home where he would heal, not just on the outside, but on the inside too. He was finally able to be around other dogs and thoroughly enjoyed their company. Mickey also started to truly believe that he was worthy of a wonderful life.

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