Two Puppies at the street


Rescue From The Hart was contacted about two white-fur small dogs wandering in the streets and left to fend for themselves. At first, it seemed like an easy rescue mission but it wasn’t as easy as expected. One of the dogs was not as trusting as the other. The girl doggie was more fearful and kept warning her best friend to stay away from humans.

Since the two small pups were a bit nervous, the rescuers had to set up a cage trap and placed a cheeseburger inside. Then, the wait began.

Eventually, the rescuer was able to lure the female dog into the trap. But she didn’t seem to mind. The cheeseburger was worth it! As soon as the male pup saw that she was in the trap, he walked right up to make sure she was alright and he quickly offered himself up to be rescued too. He wanted to make sure he got to go where she was going. They named them Monica and Chandler.

They were both taken to the shelter and got the care they needed. Their love for each other helped them survive. Both dogs are now happy and healthy and looking for a loving home where they can be together forever!