Two Dogs Refuse To Leave Each Other’s Side After Their Human Abandons Them


It’s both heartbreaking and angering to think that there are actually people out there in the world who would bring pain and suffering to something as beautiful as their pet dog. These animals are absolutely obsessed with their humans, so to take advantage of that purity and to do something as pointlessly cruel as abandoning them is one of the meanest things someone could do.

Bambi and Booboo were driven to a busy parking lot down in Florida. They were taken out of the car and dropped on the pavement, and they remained there for what must have seemed like forever. The two dogs had already formed a strong bond with each other, and no matter what happened, they refused to leave each other’s side. They stayed in the same spot, probably hoping that their human would come back to pick them up, but that never happened.

Thankfully, for all the bad people out there, there is a majority of people who actually love dogs and will do whatever it takes to help them. Soon enough, a team of amazing rescuers came to make sure these puppies were taken in and given a good home! But before that, you have to catch them! Catching one dog is hard enough, but to capturing two who refuse to leave each other? That’s going to take some dedication!

It took some hard work, and a lot of worry, time, and money, but soon enough, this “boyfriend and girlfriend” were on their way to a forever home filled with love and respect!

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