Trash Collector Discovers Dog Dumped In Garbage Can. What He Does About It Stuns The Heartless Owner


The dog was impossible to watch without tears. He lay for a long time without moving in the corner of the room, and when he was taken for a walk, dog lived to the trees and quickly doing all the street chores, went back to his litter.

But even when he stood on his feet, the psychological trauma of a dog made itself felt in full. He couldn’t believe these people wouldn’t make fun of him. Like a coiled spring, dog kept all its unclaimed dog’s affection and did not trust anyone. And only his future hostess, Patricia Scavelli, was able to win his heart.

She and her husband decided to take the dog and surround him with sincere love. When the dog was discharged from the clinic, all the workers escorted him with great joy and even … flowers!