Toyger Kittens Demand Their Blanket Back from the Dog


These three weeks-old toyger kittens are starting do a lot of things by themselves. With their mom probably taking a break from taking care of them all the time, they can finally go on an adventure.

Even though they might not leave the room at all for this adventure, it is still quite exciting for these tiny kittens. They have their leader Tanya. This kitten might be the same size as the rest of them, but there is something special about her. Unlike her brother Sparky for example, Tanya is fearless.

This little toyger has learned how to be really vocal about pretty much anything. She also doesn’t let anyone sleep on her blanket. Even the big family dog Jaegar doesn’t want to mess with her. As soon as he sees her coming towards him with an attitude, he backs off and lets her have the whole blanket for herself.