Toddler and Deaf Great Dane Share an Adorable Friendship


It is hard to imagine anything more adorable than this. This is Jennie and she is 17 months old. This little human is the owner of huge deaf Great Dane named Echo. Every day they have adorable walks together and look forward to them with pleasure. While walking the girl insists that she should hold the leash.
The mother is happy that daughter and the dog get on so well. She says that they are inseparable friends who spend all their time together. After Jennie was born the dog never left her side and started caring about the girl. Now when Jennie can walk she also cares about her big four-legged friend as the dog is deaf and has limited sight as well. Though girl is not able to talk yet she still understands her dog and the dog miraculously understands her little owner. This is so wonderful!