Tired Military Dog Tries Hard Not To Fall Asleep On The Job, But Without Success


Looks like it was a rough night. Dog so is tired, that literally falls asleep near people. “The dog never sleeps” is a very old and unfair saying. Looking at the curled up ball of a dog, people notice that the traces for any eyes flashed with her movements.

Dogs are sleeping and listen. Eyeballs ‘ movements are well evidenced. When the eyes move at least some part of the dog is not sleeping. Careful research has shown that sensitivity decreases with sleep duration. In the dream, the threshold of sensitivity to sounds is reduced. Dog can quickly Wake up, but can and firmly sleep.

Enemies of wild deer easily kill them just because they are a very sound sleeper. I found out how hard it was when I walked a few yards and stayed next to them. But I’ve never seen that even a very tired dog slept so soundly that they would have blinked an eye at my approach.