Tiny Dog Picks Out The Biggest Toy In The Store


Shopping is a lot of fun for people. Can pets enjoy it just as much? Sure, they may like to go shopping for the attention and a chance to get out of the house, but do they really like the act of shopping?

One little dog seems to enjoy it a lot. In fact, she likes to go shopping regularly.
And when she does go, she gets to pick out her own toys. During one shopping trip, her owner allowed her to pick out a toy of her choice.

She had no problem choosing, and like most pups, she went for the biggest one in the store. In fact, it was bigger than her. Still, she carried it to the checkout and didn’t bother to get a bag. She even brought it to the car.

Her owner captured their shopping trip on video and shared it.
In the video, she can be heard saying, “Lucy’s waiting to get her toy. We’re at the checkout. She picked out the biggest one.”

Lucy loves to shop. In fact, her owner says she is a shopaholic. She even takes her time when choosing the perfect thing to buy.

Lucy’s owner said, “Going shopping for a toy with Lucy is something we do quite often. We always let her pick out the toy she wants… She actually will get up on the lower shelf (it’s one that she can reach easily), and she will sniff and search for what she thinks is the perfect toy! She will sniff several [times] before she makes her decision.”

Lucy doesn’t like to get out of the store without the things she’s picked out, either.
Her owner added, “As soon as she finds what she thinks is the perfect toy, she latches onto it and is ready to leave. We let her take it to the register counter, and she really tries to be patient while the clerk is ringing up her toy.”

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