Three Men Drag Police Officer Into Forest To Kill Him, Don’t See Dog’s Reign Of Terror Coming


A service dog saved a criminal from the swamps. A dog named Brutus works in Brazilian Blumenau. His next task was to catch criminals who robbed a post office. The attackers fled in the forest, and one of them even climbed into the swamp. But the dog did not stop, Brutus selflessly rushed into the swamp and grabbed the robber. This group of dogs are strong, hardy dogs with congenital watchdog qualities, usually large dogs require long walks and exercise.

Meeting on the street, security forces with dogs, someone passes them by, someone, on the contrary, pulls his hands to Pat sweet, at first glance, the dog. Work area the canine is quite extensive. There are handlers in duty and private security – so their dogs can work directly on the street and protect the order and peace of citizens. There are dogs in criminal investigation, serving with investigative and operational group. Dog to search for explosives today’s most “in demand”.

It is understandable – the terrorists, the extremists… Before the arrival of the high guests, first and foremost, heads of state, high officials, serious politicians, dogs carefully examined all the objects and paths. Dogs trained on search of drugs and human remains, leaving only as necessary. From ordinary people, sometimes we hear such stories: that the dog “went” on a drug, it this the drug plant.