This Woman Has Rescued More Than 100 Dogs, But One Special Pup Stole A Huge Chunk Of Her Heart


This woman, named Candice Miller, has helped save more than 100 dogs. She fosters them and takes such great care of pups who are in need of some TLC.

She has fostered many different types of dogs including adult dogs, puppies, senior dogs, and mama dogs with puppies, just to name a few.

One dog she rescued was a three-day-old puppy named Penny. Penny was born to an inexperienced mother bred far too young. The mother rejected her whole litter, and Penny was the only puppy of five who survived.

But Miller took great care of Penny. She bottle-fed her and kept her on a heating pad to keep her warm since she was so tiny. Miller’s dogs, Moo and Kilo, also helped take care of Penny and taught her how to be a dog as she grew older.

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