This Stray Dog Sat in the Rain Till Help Came Just in Time


This stray dog lay in the rain and could not move due to illness. But suddenly … the animal welfare Company in India says, ” When we found Millie, she couldn’t even stand. She collapsed next to the road and lay there in the rain.

The dog was too sick to go in search of shelter from the rain. According to our assumptions, she had a typical case of pyometra is a uterine infection, which without treatment can cause ultimately lead to death”. When volunteers arrived to help the dog, the rain poured very much. The look Millie was read only pain and helplessness.

The rescue team covered the dog with a blanket and immediately took her to the nearest clinic. Millie really needed an operation, otherwise she would not have survived. The next day after medical assistance Milli was able to get up on your feet and generally feel better. Need a few more weeks that the body is fully cleansed from the infection, but the dog is clearly on the mend.