This Husky Picked Out Her Own Kitten To Take Home From Shelter


Little Raven, a Tamaskan husky pup, needed a fella to grow up with and her human mom Christina knew that she can’t just pick any cat. Instead, she took Raven to a shelter in Lubbock, Texas so the pup can do it herself.

“I had always wanted a dog and a cat to grow up together. It’s been like a life goal,” her owner Christina said. “I wanted them to be able to get along well,” Christina explained. “So I wanted her to actually meet the cat and have the cat get along with the dog as well.”

Raven met with 4 kittens and none of them appeared to be interested in her except this one furbaby named Woodhouse. At that moment, both Raven and Christina knew that she was the one. Luck made its way to Woodhouse that day, because she found not only a home but a best mate, too. A year has gone by, and the two are close as ever! “They are perfect with each other. They don’t cuddle as much as they used to when they were a puppy and kitten. But they’re still always together, always playing together.”

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