This Guy Finds Out That The Christmas Tree Foam Balls Are Ruined


Labrador did something wrong and not for the first time in front of his master and those he chastises. The guy doesn’t yell at your pet, but he says sternly, and the dog understands it completely.

The animal literally begging the man for forgiveness. Dog buries his forehead in his chest, showing his repentance. In the end, the owner gives up and says to the animal: “Well, let’s call it a truce. Let’s put up. All the world”. Hearing these words the dog touching hugged his master.

It is worth noting that the guy flint, few people would be able to hold out so long. Labradors themselves are very active and suddenly arrange in the house the present pogrom not a problem for them. But some of them can confess and ask for forgiveness.