This Dog Was Chained To a Wall For 8 Years, But Watch As Rescuers Near…


The dog has lived 8 years on the circuit, has found a loving owner. For the longest eight years in her poor life this dog was sitting on the chain. The owners are not watching her: she was lying in the dirt in the garage. While there was exhaustion. When poor first came, the volunteers, she never stopped wagging his tail, expressing their delight. In the heart of a pit bull named Lola remained a love for people. The dog was taken to the vet, because she had many health problems.

And then to her house where she now lives like a true Queen. Meet a pit bull named Lola, who was 8 years his life spent in chains in a dark garage where he had to sleep on the cold concrete floor. The dog was rescued by animal organization AMA Animal Rescue, provided her vet care and find her a new host, which she had been living for 7 weeks. The animal quickly got used to the comfort, and most of all likes to lie on soft pillows and bed, sofa, carpets and other warm surfaces.

Thus, Lola, apparently trying to compensate for the warmth that she was missing for all these years. As noted by mistress Lola Charlene von Saher, this is the perfect dog for a busy person living in new York, as it does not require a lot of attention and very unpretentious