This Dog Had To Give Birth while Tied Up In The Middle Of Nowhere


An amazing story about the cruelty and kindness of people. Throw to the mercy of his pet-a great evil, and to abandon the pregnant poor thing-boundless cruelty! It did so with a dog named Lara. Apparently, at some point it became unnecessary and the owners took the “darling” in the woods and just left her there to die without food, water and shelter.

Here is only Lara was even and pregnant! By some miracle the dog was able to give birth to their babies alone, and then survive for 10 days without the help of people. Residents of the nearby village knew about the poor girl and her newborn puppies, but no one came to help her. Only one kind people, having heard about such a story, tried to save Lara.

The dog was emaciated and dehydrated, she had in the hospital… And one boy was unable to survive all the hardships of this harsh world. Now Lara and her three children live in a shelter, take care of them and give warmth and affection! As they look now, can be see in this video.