Thieves Steal New Puppy From Family’s Home During Robbery, But Then They Discover Her Big Secret


One morning Elena Sardi and her 4-year-old daughter Maya decided to go to the doctor. When they returned, they were both waited for more than an unpleasant surprise. While families were not at home in their house burst into a criminal.

He took away with a precious jewelry and some property technique, but all of this quite not cared about mother again with daughter, after all the first, on the search what they jumped in front of, was their favorite pet Sasha.

And it wasn’t there! According to his mother, 2-month-old puppy Sasha appeared in the family recently, but already so hot to catch the fancy of little Maya, just a week they became inseparable. All day long they played, and even nightfall didn’t want to leave – and fell asleep next to each other. “My heart was broken, I still tremble… we are very sad at Sasha, ” – shares excited Elena.