They Were Found Abandoned In A Stairwell. They’d Grow Up Without A Mom, Until This Pug Stepped In


Three newborn kittens were found abandoned in a stairwell and brought to a shelter. They would now be hand-raised by humans, but it’s not the same without a mother’s touch. That’s when Peppa the Pug stepped in to help.

None of the rescuers expected Peppa to “adopt” the lonely kittens, but she did all on her own, and has since made a great surrogate mother. She licks them, snuggles with them and keeps them warm and safe.

It’s hard growing up without a mom, and at just two weeks old, these kittens still have a lot of growing up to do. Thankfully Peppa will help them feel more comfortable and a lot less lonely. Peppa loves them as if they were her own. She proves just how strong an animal’s love can be. It’s always adorable to see dogs and cats getting along Love definitely knows no species! Watch these cuties in the video below: