They Went to the Shelter to Rescue 6 Puppies – But Watch What Happens When They Get There


It turns out, life in orphanage case not simply terrible, but still unexpected. Volunteers counted saved 6 puppies, and rescued twice more. Taking the animal from the shelter, you save his life. Buying animal stuff someone’s pocket and generally support the business of blood. And there is no pathos in it.

It is rather the opposite – the harsh prose of life. By the way Chihuahuas and pit bulls are two of the most popular breeds of dogs in American shelters… And if the first is more often adopted, the latter more likely to be killed.

I do not know when this shameful page in American history will be turned over, but for now the tragedy is being committed before our eyes-pit bulls are uncontrollably bred in backyards for illegal dog fights, and as actively as they are bred, they kill all the time: during dog fights, and they also score those who do not want to fight.