They took newborn puppy back to the shelter


One of the most beautiful things that can happen is to see people getting along. That is why in the video below Christina decided to be careful when was choosing her family kitten and puppy. She did not want to pick two animals that would later fight each other all their lives. Fortunately, for her, Raven who was still in the shelter did not have any friends yet, and did not seem to be in a hurry to get one. He seemed like a good candidate for a new home.

Therefore, Christina chose him and hoped that he would help her to pick a kitten for the family. Fortunately, all went well. They seemed to like each other right from the start, and they have been spending most of their time together ever since. Even though they no longer spend as much time cuddling, as they used to when they were young, they are still comfortable sleeping next to each night.